Clean Perth

IT was great to get away on a cruise ship up to Indonesia: it was also just as great to get home and enjoy our great autumn weather, with our clear blue skies and our beautiful Swan River as clean as ever.

That is unlike some of the ports we visited with huge amounts of rubbish floating around our ship.

It was not a nice sight, with plastic bags bottles and other household rubbish in the harbour water. I might add that the debris did not come from our cruise ship because all rubbish and waste products are processed on board all cruise ships.

When I ventured out on to the deck of the ship, the smoke and pollution from the industrial chimneys on land was something we do not see in Australian ports.

The only thing we have to put up with in Perth is the smoke haze from the controlled burns of the bush to protect us from the summer bushfires.

It does a person good to travel and to appreciate just how clean our port and city is.

FRANK GRANGER, Applecross.