Closing credits

This lovely art deco creation was the last cinema in the city.

Little known are the hardships that the cinema owner endured; apart from financial pressures, there were structural problems. In addition, he employed 12 young people who lost their jobs.

It seems ironic with all the development and hype about bringing more residents into the city that this institution had to close: we want more people to live in the heart of Perth but there is no interest in giving them a cinema.

For those of us who grew up in an era before videos, DVDs and the internet, a trip to the movies was an adventure. For some of us, it remains so: there is nothing quite like sitting in a darkened room with strangers, cut off from the rest of reality for an hour or so, while those fascinating images unfold on a screen.

For some of us, that main cinema with its gold curtain and lovely long fringe goes back to childhood memories of a simpler world.

This is not just the closing of another business; for the lonely and the elderly of inner city Perth it is a significant loss of an irreplaceable venue. Will anyone bother to reverse this sad closure?

RIP Piccadilly Cinema (1938-2013).