Dealers in death

I FEAR society is being brought to its knees because the use of drugs is out of control.

Moreover, anyone is a target for violence to get money for the addict�s next fix.

Drug pushers should automatically receive the death penalty. The only way they could avoid that fate would be to name someone higher up the supply chain. Billions are spent around the world trying to stop this evil trade, yet we have governments and do-gooders saying no to the death penalty.

The only alternative therefore is to spend more billions keeping these dregs of society in prison.

That money is better spent on worthwhile services.

Instead of the media showing families pleading to save those about to be executed for drug smuggling, how about asking relatives of those who have lost someone to drugs or are victims of drug-fuelled violence how they feel?

If all countries imposed the death penalty for drug dealers, the world would not be in the mess it is with drugs. The do-gooder approach is leading us down the road to destruction.

Name and address supplied.