Enough is enough

I WRITE in response to your front-page report in last week�s edition headlined �Funding foul called� and to the gall of the heavily subsidised Floreat Athena Football Club wanting even more money from the City of Vincent ratepayers.

The club, which apparently pays less than $3000 a year for its monopoly on Litis Stadium, generates its own income from memberships (most of whom live outside Vincent), as well as operating as a function venue for hire, having an active bar, and even sub-letting the stadium to other organisations.

Vincent ratepayers, on the other hand, pay to maintain the stadium�s buildings, bores and car parks. We pay for the club�s use of rooms, shower facilities and floodlit training and game facilities on adjoining Britannia Reserve.

The club�s lengthy bookings of the public Reserve, which saves its stadium, limit community and other sports� access on weeknights and weekends. And the club�s management is still not happy.

Enough is enough.

Floreat Athena has been a drain on ratepayers for many years and should move elsewhere so the community�s facility can be shared by other sporting organisations and community groups that are prepared to give, not just take.

N. O�NEILL, Mt Hawthorn.