Figures revealing

Such coverage would leave the average reader, someone like me, thinking that we had thousands of homeless people to deal with.

You can then imagine my surprise at reading in one of your recent issues about a survey of homeless people that found less than 200 homeless people on the streets of Perth’s CBD.

It is truly remarkable that there can be so much talk and undoubtedly so much spending by so many government and non-government organisations on a problem involving less than 200 people.

I suspect a survey of the homeless industry will find more people paid to work on the homeless problem than there are actual homeless people on the streets.

I understand compassion and enthusiasm to help the less fortunate. However, this has to be balanced by consideration of just how much effort do we put into the relatively small but often intractable problem of people who, for whatever reason, do not want to conform to standards of behaviour the rest adhere to by living in settled accommodation.