Fond memories

I HAVE a lovely story to tell after having been a volunteer for the Red Cross in March.

It brought back memories.

I am 85 years old and I have a picture of seven girls aged about 11 in 1940 who did jobs and helped the Red Cross by selling cakes and giving the money to the Red Cross.

All the girls lived in Lake Street, Northbridge and some went to Highgate School.

We got our mothers to help us make our Red Cross scarves and sew the Red Cross on them.

Also in 1940 my mother, Chrissie Aris, was given an award for helping the Red Cross.

Pictured here are, standing right to left: Jessie Zempilas (Basil�s mother), Vangy Mallis, Nesta Economos and Anne Mitchell (Jessie�s twin sister).

Kneeling are Nina Sechos, Poppy Xanthis and Margaret Palassis.

We are still alive and good friends.