Greens’ policy

In response to Rick Duley, of North Perth (No response, Guardian Express, September 10), I was the Greens candidate for Perth and unfortunately never received an email or letter from Rick.

If I had, I would have been happy to point out that the Greens took a fully costed housing policy to the Federal election.

The policy would make a significant investment into affordable housing and emergency accommodation.

In regards to homelessness, the Greens aim to provide an initial package of 7000, in part using new technologies like pre-fabricated housing and doubling the funding for homelessness services. By sourcing pre-fabricated housing from Australia, it would also create jobs and boost the declining manufacturing sector in Australia.

The Greens would also require new developments to have minimum amounts of affordable housing, including rentals, amongst other initiatives.

I commend Rick for taking an interest in this matter.

Jonathan Hallett,