Heed history

THE Mayor of Stirling’s argument that Inglewood should stay in Stirling because Stirling has heritage guidelines for the area ignores history.

It was not Stirling council that championed heritage guidelines for Inglewood; it was the old Inglewood Ratepayers’ Association’s argument that only one infill per block be allowed instead of the three favoured by the council that saved Inglewood from demolition.

It meant that many of the original houses were retained.

Stirling was happy to save Mt Lawley’s heritage but to let Inglewood be redeveloped with townhouses. The suggestion that a new council would not continue using these guidelines makes no logical sense.

Stirling has a poor record of serving the people of Inglewood. A prime example is how Stirling has almost endorsed the demolition of Inglewood IGA and its replacement with a five-storey block of flats ” and can’t see anything wrong with that.

Graeme Cocks, Inglewood