Holes in theory

I do however think that he misses the point when he complains that ‘religion’ is being introduced into the curriculum.

Religion is already a huge part of our children’s education but it is the religion of atheism, taught and hammered home through the espousing of evolution by so-called academics.

These same academics have been pushing this ever-more ludicrous theory for so long that now they cannot let it go because they will look incredibly foolish.

And who wants to look foolish?

This is despite heated discussions going on in academic circles because with research huge holes in the concept are becoming ever more obvious.

This threadbare theory is directly responsible for the selfishness, anger and pointless behaviour of many in our society.

Adults may not consciously realise the implications of this meaningless doctrine but the young do.

I believe that is why suicide is the leading cause of death among young people who should have everything to live for. After all when you’re in a tight spot you pray, agreed?

But to who or what do you pray to when everything is chance?

Mr Willis is quite correct when he says that children should be able to decide their guiding philosophy for themselves but when a big chunk of data is deliberately excluded from the options what are they to do.

We have gone down this atheistic road for over a hundred years and where has it got us?

I believe that maybe, just maybe, it might be time to try something different.