Housing crucial

At the broader level, sustainable communities can not be built on shaky foundations and affordable, appropriate housing is an important element of community cohesion.

Across our State, more than 30,000 households suffer from mortgage stress, and another 55,000 households are in rental stress, according to data from the Public Health Information Development Unit at Adelaide University.

In my review of party policies on affordable housing, there was next to no acknowledgement of the enormous strain placed on ordinary households, particularly those in the private rental market.

It is baffling that neither the Labor nor Liberal parties have election policies by which people could judge any commitment to what is said to be a number one issue for voters ” ahead of border protection, education or broadband.

I am one of those people who will soon be looking for an affordable house for me and my daughter. The Greens are the only political party with policies aimed at easing stress for people in private rentals, expanding social housing, and advocating for tenants on low incomes who face difficulties with their housing providers. I will be voting Green.