Cycle track ideals ignore practical need

WHEN I was driving along Scarborough Beach Road between Oxford and Loftus streets with the new cycle track there were no cyclists.

At the Loftus Street intersection, a delivery truck was trying to turn left. The road layout was so narrow and tight the truckie had to mount the pavement on the right and reverse halfway through the turn to avoid taking out a pedestrian barrier.

He had to use up two lanes of Loftus Street to make the turn much to the annoyance of the drivers, some tooting horns, coming along Loftus Street on which the traffic lights had now turned green.

The truck was still mid turn.

It was an accident waiting to happen, with not a cyclist in sight.

The planners obviously only thought in ideals of the cyclist while ignoring the practical needs of other road users.

Shame, shame, shame.

MARK HOUGH, Mt Hawthorn.