Killing options

Yes indeed, ‘abortion options still limited’ ” the only choice is whether the child is killed by being torn to shreds, or in other ways that could be even more painful.

Moreover, how absurd to defend abortion on feminist grounds, when so many of those killed are female.

Some proponents of abortion, to hide the fact that it kills a child, prefer the term ‘fetus’ ” and yet, we are told, smoking when pregnant harms your baby. Not ‘harms your fetus’. There are people more concerned about cruelty to animals than about the agonising death inflicted by abortion on human offspring.

Ms Scobie, which is more ‘traumatic’ ” deciding to have an abortion or actually being aborted while uttering ‘The Silent Scream’ (documented on ultrasound)?

One of the places genuinely supporting a female in difficulty on account of her unborn child is Pregnancy Assistance in East Perth. To kill the baby for the sake of the mother is just as senseless as killing the mother for the sake of the baby.

As for the hoary example of rape ” why impose the death penalty on the child, who is not the perpetrator?

However, we agree with Ms Scobie on one point ” abortion is indeed ‘termination’.

And the tragic irony is that, with so many of our children being terminated ” which our taxes support ” couples have had to wait years to adopt a child.