Leave carbon in the ground

Bill Scott, Roleystone.

DO I get this right?

Can we “create a better environment” than our ecosystem, the Earth, or God has created over billions of years?

Now carbon dioxide levels are too high, and we presume to have the know-how to “put it back”.

How is this possible when we use inefficient heat engines that rarely have efficiencies of more than 25 per cent?

This includes all manner of fossil fuel use, motor vehicles and nuclear power plants.

The waste is enormous and “recovery of carbon” by such means requires “re-recovery” and more waste; and the waste in re-recovery requires “re-re-recovery” with even more waste and so forth.

This recursive, infinite sequence means it is insane to consider recovery or sequestration with heat engines; it is like asking for perpetual motion.

Leave the carbon in the ground.