A reader wants to see the return of the death penalty

WHAT is happening in the world?

Every time you pick up the paper or turn on the television, there is some report about a one-punch attack or a gang attack on one person, putting the victim in hospital on life support or in a critical condition.

What needs to happen is the imposition of harsher penalties, not a slap on the wrist but a life for a life.

Where is the fairness in seeing a loved one on life support or dead, yet the coward who caused this receives an insignificant punishment from the courts?

This Government needs to do something to change the laws so that cowards who hit an innocent person then walk or run away as the victim dies should face the death penalty.

That was the law once and I’m sure the crime percentage would not be as high today if the law returned.

I fear the crime rate will only get worse if something is not done to protect the innocent and their families.