‘Little shops’ are missed

I no longer go shopping in Mt Lawley other than a trip to Fresh Provisions, IGA and occasionally to the bank or post office.

The interesting and individual ‘little shops’ can no longer afford the rents and have closed.

I am sure the ‘strip’ is heaving at night but I wonder how long it will take for the ever-increasing number of coffee shops, restaurants and bars to find themselves in the same position and abandon the area.

When I moved to Mt Lawley in the 70s, I had to go to the city for shopping. Then, in the 90s, Mt Lawley blossomed.

I have now returned to using the city as my local shopping precinct, but it is not as pleasant as a walk down to the shops in Mt Lawley – and not as friendly as being greeted as one of the locals.

Such a shame.