Mayor John Carey fails to give all the facts

Mayor John Carey fails to give all the facts

Eleni Evangel MLA,

IN response to last week’s article headlined “Impractical to bar State candidates from remaining on local councils”) John Carey attempts to justify his refusal to stand down as Mayor of Vincent whilst running as the Labor candidate for Perth.

Yet he fails to mention recent changes to the Local Government Act and therefore he fails to be fully transparent with readers.

The key difference being that mayors and councillors are now fully remunerated jobs. He is paid more than $100,000 a year to be Mayor of Vincent.

He mentions the names of previous mayors and councillors who have run for State and Federal office, including myself.

However, he fails to mention we received minimal sitting fees for what often became a full-time role.

I struggle to think of an employer who would happily pay more than $100,000 a year to an employee, who is working on securing their next job.

So why should ratepayers be footing this bill?