Opinion: Fallacy in SSM argument

Fallacy in SSM argument
Fallacy in SSM argument

In response to Father David Watt (September 5, 2017, “Tradition in turmoil”), the basis of legalising same-sex marriage is to provide equality to all Australians regardless of their identity.

The fallacy in Father Watt’s analogy of ‘permitting men to have multiple wives’ being commensurate to marriage equality is two-fold.

The first being that this is a classic ‘slippery slope argument’.

The second reason the analogy is false is because the SSM Bill aims to promote equity among the population, whereas in Father Watt’s diatribe he seems to think the next step would be to produce further inequality (would women be permitted to have multiple partners too?).

Further, referencing that Islam discriminates against women to justify Christianity discriminating against the LGBTQI community does nothing for his argument.

Father Watt should either present a clearly articulated argument as to why he does not believe in equality or simply state his religious beliefs don’t allow him to form a certain opinion, which is at least a logically sound argument. Let’s just not pretend that Father Watt doesn’t value revelation via 2000-year-old texts over rational thought.