Opinion: Time to bring stereotyping to heel

Enough of the gender stereotyping
Enough of the gender stereotyping


I AM disgusted at an article and photograph in your publication (“Warr on violence”, September 5).

Groucho Marx stated that “time wounds all heels”. On behalf of the heels of the world I object to Mr Warr’s comment that he “got the girls in the office to go online and find me a new pair”.

Aren’t there any men in the office? Couldn’t he do it himself?

It’s this kind of gender stereotyping that diminishes respect for women, leading to men, even well-heeled ones, committing violence.

We don’t need more hate, we need heeling.

(P.S. My letter is meant as a spoof on the politics of grievance, ie, nitpicking just to feed one’s indignation, combined with some bad puns. No disrespect or offence is intended towards Mr

Warr, Community News or anyone else).

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