Outstanding women MPs

PREMIER Colin Barnett was recently quoted as saying that, although there were outstanding females on the Liberal benches, that were not always true of his opponents.

Well Premier Barnett, by your patronising and dismissive comments you could have shot yourself in the foot if you are expecting the votes of conservative women at the next election.

The conservatives have long been criticised for having so few women MPs at both State and federal levels. With merit the benchmark (as it is for all parties), the implication drawn from this could be seen as the lack of talented women in conservative ranks suitable for pre-selection.

Thanks for nothing, Mr Barnett do I hear them say?

For almost three decades, the electorate of Maylands has received outstanding service from its Labor members � Dr Judy Edwards and our present MLA, Lisa Baker.

Both are highly qualified, talented and hard working and are fine examples of what women can achieve on any path they choose.

Mr Barnett, you should be ashamed.

JAN WHEARE, Maylands.