THE Northbridge precinct, I was told by a local councillor, was defined early in the 1980s as a nightlife area and shown on officially accepted maps as being between the centre line of William Street, west to the eastern side of the Mitchell Freeway and north of Roe Street as far as the centre line of Newcastle Street.

There was a mixed use of premises generally for business during the working day trending, now ever increasingly, to nightlife and entertainment in the evenings and at night, “which should not be limited by residential uses”, according to a report to council.

Mike Keiller, BIG N chairman, has rightly said that new property developments in Northbridge should be designed to accommodate existing noise levels.

However, to the north and east of the defined area of Northbridge, the mix of premises use changes to being for mostly daytime business and predominantly residential.

The “creep” of entertainment venues outside of Northbridge should respect this and planning approvals take note of geographic location.

There is a tendency for businesses to be loose in the use of “Northbridge”. A recently opened business in William Street in Perth, WA 6000, uses Northbridge in its name but on its sign gives its address as Northbridge, WA 6000. The owner presumably prefers the Perth postcode because Northbridge is WA 6003.

Businesses in Tyne Square call themselves “Northbridge”, although they are located in Perth, WA 6000.