Perth cyclist implores drivers to respect cyclists

I AM angry. Angry and sad that another cyclist's life has been lost on Perth roads.

When are we going to start respecting the rights of cyclists on the road and that car drivers need to accept this, always and everywhere?

When are we going to see that a driver’s licence and driving on the road are a privilege and not a right?

I have had many near misses on my bike resulting from poor driving habits.

I have just returned from six months cycling in Europe, where cyclists are part of the road landscape.

Cyclists are not considered road pests.

Respect is shown to cyclists with supportive infrastructure (cycle paths, cycle lanes, cycle parking, separate traffic lights and so forth) but above all, respect is shown through the courtesy of drivers.

When will our community see that cyclists are part of the solution to many of our social issues, such as road congestion, pollution, climate change, obesity and mental health?

We are not part of the problem. We are not the enemy.

Please, please, no more road carnage. Be careful, be courteous, slow down and give cyclists road space.