‘Rubbery figures unmasked’

THE Public Transport Authority has a duty to its patrons, and even more so to the less able-bodied, as set out in the Equal Opportunity Act.

In the article in the Guardian Express� August 18 edition headlined �Fight against route change�, the PTA�s David Hynes stated the reason the No 15 bus route was altered was that �patronage has been stagnant�, but did not provide proof that it was low.

The PTA�s �consultation� was only for one week, involved two stands promoting pre-determined changes to anyone, regardless if they used a No 15 bus, and allowed people multiple responses.

SANDBAG#15 door-knocked on the bus route. Of 255 public transport users surveyed, only 15 per cent were aware of the PTA consultation.

Moreover, 58 per cent were against the change and only 11 per cent in favour.

Our detailed statistics completely unmask the PTA�s rubbery figures.

Mr Hynes added that stops had been installed �to minimise the walk�. The distance, for both elderly and disabled, has dramatically increased, and they face having no public transport at all.

The PTA has failed the less able by unreasonably altering the No 15 bus local route, which patrons have relied on for decades.

TAD KRYSIAK, convener,

Seniors ANd Disabled Bus

Action Group #15,

Mt Hawthorn.