Sad Chapter: Local Library Book Purchases

I AM so sad to read that the State Government is planning to reduce the number of book purchases available to our local libraries.

I am especially concerned that nearly half of these cuts will be applied to the purchase of children’s materials.

The children’s library and its associated programs are so important to the development of language and writing skills in young children.

While adults can probably cope with the advent of books online, babies, toddlers and small children need the physicality of real books. They need lots of books: books and interested carers who sit with them and explore the joy of reading.

I cannot help but wonder why the people in government fail to see the link between funding cuts to freely available early learning opportunities like the library and poor school preparation.

Recently I read that the Government is about to undertake an advertising campaign to encourage parents to spend more time talking with their young children as teachers are reporting increasing numbers of children starting school with poor language skills and unable to write their name.

I think they should forget about wasting money on ridiculous advertising campaigns and spend it on more books, more play programs and more parent support.

Much more practical and I bet you will get a better outcome for children.

Cate Rose,

East Fremantle.