Slow Down for the Kids

WITH thousands of children returning to school for the start of the 2016 educational year, we are also seeing the enforcement of specially zoned speed limits around schools in the mornings and afternoons.

Road safety authorities set the school zone limits to 40km/h at those specific times of day, for a very simple reason – it can save lives.

Excited young children can be unpredictable and hard to see, and even a small reduction in your speed can make a dramatic difference to the horrific injuries a child might sustain if hit by a car.

As a lawyer, I’ve had the heartbreaking task of representing families of young road accident victims.

The impact on their lives is something they never get over.

Speeding anywhere on our roads is a criminal offence, but speeding in a school zone is simply reckless.

Even 40km/h is often too fast in busy times.

Please slow down and protect our children from life-changing injuries.


Lawyer, Slater and Gordon.