True contentment comes from caring for all creatures

True contentment comes from caring for all creatures

Arnold Giltay,

IN connection with the letter in last week’s edition headlined “Answer not found in worldly things”, I completely agree with the writer that people’s happiness and contentment in their lives cannot be found in worldly things.

He strives for fulfilment through the Koran by worshipping a higher authority.

Others feel that putting in more effort in helping our needy fellow men and women in the community can also achieve a true sense of contentment.

We can all help the less fortunate, within our means, to make a difference in their lives.

Apart from referring and depending on ancient writings and praying to achieve contentment, there are other ways to become fully content citizens, through doing any manner of positive and practical things in our lives.

By that, I mean we should all care more for every living creature Mother Nature has provided to us human beings, which includes protecting the welfare of animals on land and in the sea, and care for our forests.

If we are seriously committed to those challenges, we would indeed become fully content in the knowledge that we are helping to improve living in harmony in this world with each other and with all living beings.