Well done, City

I DON’T always agree with some decisions made by the City of Vincent councillors but I am of the view that it is their prerogative to hire and fire, whether it is the chief executive or the dog catcher, provided their contractual obligations are respected.

Too often organisations fall and are bluffed into the trap of retaining staff because of their so-called “experience”.

In leadership positions, there should two terms with a maximum 10 years’ appointment.

It allows fresh and innovative ideas to be harvested in the rapidly changing world and prevents mateships developing with staff and clients.

The staff report on Mr Giorgi’s competence is ludicrous to say the least and should be dismissed out of hand.

What member of the staff would question the leader’s competence and expect to continue on the payroll.

Former mayor Nick Catania seems to have difficulty in understanding that when a contract is not renewed (end of term) there is no obligation for substantial compensation.

Congratulations to the City of Vincent for making a difficult decision.

It might have been useful to advise readers when the City CEO’s term expires.


– Editor’s note: The Guardian Express has reported that Mr Giorgi’s term finishes on December 31.