They were peremptorily re-routed with effect from April 21, since when there has been no bus to the city using William Street south of Brisbane Street; they are all now using Beaufort Street.

This makes sense for those routes from Morley going straight along Beaufort Street but does not do so for two routes, the 60 and 16, which join William Street from Walcott Street but now have been diverted to turn left at Bulwer Street, to join all the others in Beaufort Street.

I spoke with Transperth about this and was told that as bus lanes had been set up in Beaufort Street, it wanted to make best use of them and that it was not possible to have buses travelling two ways in William Street.

With some thought, it can be seen that just because William Street had been opened to two-way traffic, there is no need to change the way in which some buses serve the area.

Routes 16 and 60 did not need to be changed at all.

The sensible option would have been to have kept routes 16 and 60 travelling straight along William Street from Walcott Street to the city and to continue, also with no change, with their return routes from the city as they have done.

This would have involved no change at all to these routes, and have maintained albeit a less frequent but acceptable service to the city south of Brisbane Street.

There is no logic in what has been done to these two routes.