Wish for change

THE Mt Lawley Society is a funded lobby group for the Lawley Ward councillor at Stirling “it is nothing to do with Inglewood or residents.

It fear-mongers about the move to Bayswater and all the ‘terrible’ things Bayswater might (or might not) do in the future.

As a ratepayer of Inglewood for the past 23 years, I prefer to discuss what has happened already; not fearful speculation but fact.

I cannot wait for the change because the City of Stirling administration has been poor and is getting worse.

Over a four-year period, Stirling planning staff consistently ignored resident views about the stupid laneway upgrades. In addition, ponder these mismanaged Stirling projects:

– Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley ” 18 months of chaos to chop down heritage facades and verandas;

– Road upgrades on Clifton Crescent ” but still no cycle lane;

– Chopping and changing the roundabout landscaping on Central Avenue;

– Rangers leaving abandoned vehicles to stand for weeks as placards inviting vandalism and fires.

– Avenue planting of trees in the median of Alexander Drive ” the new tram route.

I compared, and Bayswater offers better value for money on rates by providing convenient waste services. It keeps reserves tidy, protects the river and does not waste money with prissy landscaping to appease lobby groups.

Bring it on.

Ross Montgomery, Inglewood