Work done well

IN response to the report in the November 19 edition headlined ‘Minister’s merger turnabout ” support for Inglewood’s heritage area’, it is heartening that Local Government Minister Tony Simpson would consider it of benefit on heritage grounds for Inglewood to remain in the City of Stirling under the present revision of municipal boundaries in Perth.

Initially, this largely interwar-period suburb and Menora and part of Mt Lawley were intended for a move to a new Morley council, which probably would not bode well for continued retention of the charming history and character of these special areas.

Over many years, the Mt Lawley Society and Stirling council have worked hard, respectively, to educate and raise awareness of built heritage and took the necessary steps to include preservation measures in a town planning scheme, essential at local government level for providing legal protection.

Very few other local government authorities in Perth have been so effective in robustly conserving heritage areas.

Consequently, it would be highly regrettable if the successful efforts of the society and council were put at risk by a shift of their heritage areas to another municipality, perhaps with no will to afford legal heritage protection to ensure these are retained.

Tina Spadaccini, Dianella