Worrying sign

TWO and a half years ago the State Government was clamping down on police, teachers and nurses wage demands, saying it was unaffordable.

Colin Barnett was insistent, money was tight and eventually they got between 12 and 14 per cent spread over a three-year period. Shortly after this belt-tightening tirade, he was responsible and supportive in overseeing a pay increase of 52 per cent for the head of media in his office.

Now today we here hear the Emperor on the hill crying foul that some of the local government CEOs were receiving salaries in excess of the measly pittance he receives.

When the title Emperor was used instead of Premier, it was not meant to be malicious but to remind him is a servant of the people.

We know he never liked that title, but to threaten the councils that Big Brother (a name of his choosing) will rule the roost must be a worry to everybody.


Southern River.