Wrong Priority With Spending

REGARDING the Yarloop fires, DFES chief Wayne Gregson said it all when he wrote “you only have a limited amount of resources”, which puts the ball fairly and squarely back in Mr Barnett’s court – with super glue.

Water bombers cost about $30 million each to buy, but an investment of a few million dollars per aircraft each year to lease.

That’s a pittance compared to human life and homes.

As to how much Elizabeth Quay and new stadium cost will cost, well, it is $2 billion now but who really knows the final figure?

You could buy 60 water bombers for that amount, or lease 60 for several years (not that we would need that many).

It is a no-brainer and should have been done years ago.

However, apparently unneeded infrastructure and unnecessary re-routing of buses – like taking the perfectly good bus route No 15 away from the elderly and disabled in Mt Hawthorn/Glendalough – are higher on the Government’s priority list.

TAD KRYSIAK, convener,

Seniors And Disabled Bus

Action Group,

Mt Hawthorn.