Summit Home Improvement’s Mt Hawthorn reno adds second story to home without disrupting family life

Summit Home Improvement’s Mt Hawthorn reno adds second story to home without disrupting family life

SUMMIT Home Improvements has unveiled its latest renovation project, adding a second storey to a Mt Hawthorn home while minimising inconvenience to the residents.

Owners Peter and Janine Musca needed more space but did not want to leave the neighbourhood they loved.

Summit Home Improvement design consultant Angelo Tomassone said the couple was considering extending the ground floor, however, he recommended adding a second storey with two bedrooms, bathroom and activity room.

This type of project could lead to considerable disruption, with home owners having to move out while the work is done.

Bad weather could also cause delays.

Mr and Mrs Musca had a much more positive experience.

Mr Tomassone said Summit had a range of designs to choose from and the installation process was a lot quicker than the traditional second-storey building method.

As a result, owners did not need to move out and disruption was minimal.

“Using innovative construction technology, the second storey is built in our purpose-built, all-weather facility with 24/7 quality control,” he said.

“The second-storey extension is delivered and within just hours, the completed extension is simply craned into position and secured to the existing home.

“After installation, the staircase is installed and all services connected; clients are enjoying their brand new second-storey extension within a few weeks.

“Janine and Peter were so thrilled with their result they have kindly given us permission to invite the public to look around for ideas on how to improve their own home.”

Mr and Mrs Musca said they loved their new home and were excited to share the result.

“Overall, we are really happy and recommend anyone thinking about adding a second storey to talk to Summit Home Improvements and find out about the off-site build option,” Mrs Musca said.

“The whole process didn’t impact our daily life and routine; we didn’t have to move out of our home and the onsite installation was only five weeks.

“With the renovation complete, we couldn’t be happier; our kids have moved into the new addition and there is so much more space.

“And we’ve received many comments that the addition matches the style of the house.”

The home at 14 Killarney Street, Mt Hawthorn is open for viewing every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-4pm until the end of October.