Chakra an Indian food experience like no other

Chakra an Indian food experience like no other

FOOD is a common language across the world and Indian cuisine is enjoyed in all corners of the globe.

Indian culture and its food is diverse. Like the country itself, with its varied landscapes, the food is so much more than just vindaloo, tikka masala and butter chicken.

If you are looking for real Indian food in Perth, you can’t do better than Chakra, which promises to take its guests on a culinary journey of flavours, ingredients and aromas.

Chakra is a family-run business with a strong passion for food, preserving traditional culture and age-old recipes.

An in-depth understanding of the whole spices, their health benefits and their flavours helps to create an mouth-watering repertoire in everything Chakra serves – from food to desserts to Indian-inspired cocktails.

Dinner at Chakra is an experience which will stay with guests forever.

Customers are bathed in an atmosphere of gold star service and gentle hospitality.

Signature dishes at Chakra are bespoke and presented in innovative ways.

Dum pukht biryani is a show stealer. This dish hails from the 1700s in which biryani is cooked with whole herbs in earthen pots and sealed with naan dough.

Burnt aubergine is another star dish.

Originating from Punjab and called bhartha, Chakra’s head chef makes this dish with a contemporary presentation while retaining traditional flavours.

Goat mughlai is from the Mughal era and Chakra proudly presents this traditional curry with several modern twists and khameeri naan.

As butter is to the French, so is ghee to Indians. Chakra cooks its food in aromatic ghee and coconut oil for vegans to showcase the real flavours.

Chefs at Chakra can proudly cater to all the dietary requirements, with a separate vegan menu and gluten-free dishes, with all food cooked fresh.

Perth’s first gluten-free naan also comes from Chakra’s kitchen.

Parties, celebrations, birthdays become even more special when the Chakra team beats the drum and turns up the charm to make special occasions memorable ones.

Chakra is in the beautiful suburb of Inglewood and enjoys a special place in the heart of the community.

The restaurant is proud to have been a finalist for AHA-WA awards this year.

Visit Chakra at 841 Beaufort Street in Inglewood.