Football: Mt Lawley loss dents premiership hopes

Football: Mt Lawley loss dents premiership hopes

MT LAWLEY Hawks B-League ambitions hit a road bump on the weekend with a 17-point loss to Collegians.

The Hawks travelled to Dalkeith Oval to face Collegians, who are now just percentage behind Mt Lawley on the ladder.

The McKinlays – David and Adam – chipped in with four goals but otherwise it was slim pickings for the visitors, who managed 7.3 (45) to Collegians’ 9.8 (62).

Mt Lawley, in third spot with nine wins, are now two wins short of B league-leader Wembley and one short of second-placed Whitford.

Collegians and Kingsway – both on nine wins – are snapping at Mt Lawley’s heels.

The Hawks will head to Fawell Park on Saturday to play 6th-placed Swan Athletic, who are 12 points short of the top 5 teams.

Whitford plays North Fremantle and Wembley face Quinns District this weekend, while Collegians and Kingsway face each other in what promises to be a classic contest.

David McKinlay now has 44 goals for the season.