Drama with a twist

Drama with a twist

Juggling themes of lust, love and desire, O’Neill’s No Bed of Roses explores what happens when one controlling woman invites a stranger into her home and life.

Set in early 1960s London, the woman falls for the stranger without knowing who he really is and demands her husband accept the situation, but the situation soon spirals out of control.

Drawing from his memories of living in London until his mid-teens, O’Neill was able to capture the atmosphere of the city in his writing. ‘I wanted to write this play because I have always somehow been locked into the ’60s and the kitchen sink dramas that were popular in theatre at the time,’ he said.

O’Neill said the main challenge was getting into the mindset of his characters to create an honest narrative.

‘It’s an exhausting, beautiful experience to create characters out of thin air and God-gifted imagination,’ he said.

The play was performed by Kalamunda Dramatic Society two years ago and O’Neill said he looked forward to seeing it brought back to life with a fresh new cast at the Old Mill Theatre.