Anti-social acts more than a police issue

Not-for-profit groups, such as the Midland Police Youth and Community Centre, tackle these issues head-on, but are largely under-resourced.

The city bears much of the financial responsibility to fund these youth programs, but it cannot continue to do so indefinitely.

Additional State Government funding is required, together with better collaboration from the Department of Education, Department for Child Protection and non-government services.

A boost to youth services and police resources would go a long way to fixing Midland’s anti-social behaviour and crime problems.

Midland police are doing their best to target anti-social behaviour, street drinking and other low-volume crimes.

The number of police patrols in the Midland CBD has been increased and mounted police and the K9 Unit have also been used to specifically target the problems.

Hundreds of move-on notices have also been issued and other programs, such as Operation Elektra designed to combat anti-social behaviour and youth offending, are having an impact.

But police can not be in all places at all times. They rely on you ” local residents and businesspeople ” to be their eyes and ears. Crime must be reported to police before they can take any action.

The writer of the letter hopes more will be done to get to the heart of the issues of anti-social behaviour, crime and juvenile delinquency. But until governments get serious with their funding for youth services, the situation is unlikely to improve.