Art offers protection, peace and prosperity

Megan Fraser with some of her work. Picture: Bruce Hunt d406362
Megan Fraser with some of her work. Picture: Bruce Hunt d406362

The Darlington resident has turned to experimenting with different textures for her The Things with Wings exhibition at the Darlington Gallery in September.

Fraser, who has carved out a career in the arts since earning a Bachelor of Arts in Design from Curtin University, said the transition from painting with watercolours was a smooth one.

‘I had been working in water colours and doing hand- written texts in a medieval style, which is very detailed work,’ she said.

‘But I tried something new for this exhibition; I have recycled small objects to explore vibrant angels, scarab beetles, symbols and spell boxes made with found objects and precious things, using texture and lively colours.

‘My artworks contain special symbols that act as tools to evoke certain qualities for the owner of the painting, such as peace, protection or prosperity. My work also comes with a specially made spell kit.’

Fraser said her new venture was all part of evolving as an artist.

‘When I look back over my back catalogue, I think that I have matured as an artist and I think my focus has become more spiritual over the years,’ she said.