Big honour for ‘reluctant hero’

Rohan O’Neil performs lifesaving CPR on a two-year-old girl.
Rohan O’Neil performs lifesaving CPR on a two-year-old girl.

Mr O’Neil was one of 34 West Australians recognised for their acts of bravery or using their life-saving skills to make a difference to others.

He was presented with a Gold Medallion by WA Governor Malcolm McCusker.

On Sunday, March 17, Rohan was at the High Wycombe IGA picking up a couple of items.

While at the checkout he heard a mother calling for help and saw her running out from one of the aisles with her unconscious child in her arms.

Not knowing what to do she passed her daughter, Shaylar, to the nearest person for assistance and ran off to get her husband.

Mr O’Neil performed back blows and the Heimlich man-|oeuvre. After he got no response, he pushed groceries off the checkout area, laid the child down and began to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

After 90 seconds, Shaylar opened her eyes. She was taken to hospital with a high temperature but was released one day later.

Doctors said it was because of Mr O’Neil’s fast actions and knowledge that Shaylar made a full recovery.

Mr O’Neil said later he was very much a reluctant hero.

‘The father gave me a big hug and when they took her to hospital alive, that was more than enough thanks for me,’ he said.