Building a new future for Cambodian families

rotary team erect 15 homes
rotary team erect 15 homes

Savannah and her father, Gidgegannup businessman Stephen Inouye, were members of a Rotary Club team participating in a Tabitha Foundation Australia initiative which encourages volunteers to help build simple houses for desperate families in the region.

‘By western standards the houses are small and simple, but for these families they are the first permanent structures they have ever lived in,’ Savannah said.

‘To see the joy and gratitude on their faces as they receive their new homes is so rewarding ” it makes all the bruised thumbs and splinters worthwhile.’

Working alongside Khmer builders in sweltering conditions, the team of volunteers erected 15 houses during their visit.

Each house costs $1500, which is raised by the volunteers, however Cambodian families involved in the project have to contribute $25 towards the cost of a home.

‘While this may seem a trivial amount to us, it may take a Cambodian family three to five years to save,’ Stephen said.

Rotary Club of Perth president Ted Wilhelm said club members had been helping build houses in Cambodia for several years.

‘It’s been a fantastic initiative and having young volunteers like Savannah now wanting to take part makes it even more meaningful,’ he said.

For more information, call 9321 4356 or visit the Tabitha Australia website.