Chidlow burglary and assault being investigated by Midland Detectives

MIDLAND detectives are investigating a burglary and assault at a Chidlow home last month.

A 64-year-old man was inside the Willcox Street house on Thursday, May 18 when he discovered a man in the living room about 8pm.

The intruder hit the victim in the head area with an unknown instrument and a scuffle occurred between them.

Both men fell to the ground before the intruder got up and left the residence.

The victim followed the man outside and saw him get into the passenger’s side of a vehicle parked on his driveway.

Police have since charged a 54-year-old Scarborough man with aggravated burglary and aggravated common assault but are continuing inquiries.

The vehicle involved is described as having square headlights.

Anyone with information about the vehicle or its other occupants can make a report online at or call 1800 333 000.