Chidlow Hall saved – for now

Chidlow Hall.
Chidlow Hall.

The council was looking to dispose of both halls, by leasing Chidlow Hall to the Chidlow Progress Association and demolishing Mahogany Creek Hall.

The council unanimously passed its motion to give effect to its 2007 resolution to dispose of Chidlow Hall by authorising the chief executive to negotiate a lease agreement with Chidlow Progress Association.

The council had been considering the future of the hall since before the construction of Chidlow Recreation Pavilion in 1994.

If a lease is not entered into by December 31, or if the lease is signed but is terminated in the future, the council will demolish the building, unless the council approves another party to assume the lease.

A representative from the Chidlow Progress Association said the group had been fighting to keep the hall going for some time.

‘We plan to bring back the hall to its glory days and hope to secure its future,’ she said.

‘By then we hope the Shire will look as it as a well-maintained facility that it wants back on its books.’

Cr Patrick Bertola said it was evident there was a large degree of community support for the hall.

The Shire had proposed to demolish Mahogany Creek Hall, but Cr Bob Perks proposed an alternate motion that would have the hall retained and listed for consideration in the annual budget.

Several people asked questions about the proposal to demolish the hall during public question time.

Cr Darrell Jones spoke against Cr Perks’ motion, saying the hall was hardly ever used.

A council report had recommended that because there were no expressions of interest to own or manage the hall, it should be demolished by June 20, 2015.

The alternate motion not to demolish the Mahogany Creek Hall was carried 6-4, drawing applause from members of the public.