Western Power Class Action Over Stoneville Bushfires

Slater and Gordon lawyer Kevin Banks-Smith
Slater and Gordon lawyer Kevin Banks-Smith

LAW firm Slater and Gordon has examined evidence since the Parkerville, Stoneville and Mt Helena bushfires on January 12 last year and is encouraging a class action against Western Power.

It intends to seek compensation for anyone affected by the bushfires, which destroyed 57 homes and damaged 257 other properties.

Stoneville, Parkerville Progress Association chairman Greg Jones said it was a good opportunity for people to seek compensation for their losses including any gaps between insurance payouts and actual losses.

But it is having great difficulty in contacting everyone who may be eligible to join such an action.

“We do not have access to any official contact address lists and we need to ensure that everyone affected by the bushfire is contacted and advised by Slater and Gordon so they may make an informed decision regarding their legal rights and options about joining a group legal action or not,” Mr Jones said.

“Many persons have either moved away from the area or; they have sold their demolished property and moved on or; they may be confused that the pending legal action is only for those who have lost their homes or; they do not know about the pending legal action and how they may benefit from this process.”

Slater and Gordon lawyer Kevin Banks-Smith said due to the sensitive nature of the discussions the meetings are only open to those affected by the bushfires but he hoped people who may have moved away from the area would be aware of the meetings.

A special sub-committee known as the Bushfire Claimants Consultative Committee was formed and a 7pm meeting will be on Tuesday June 30 at the Parkerville Pavilion. Contact Greg Jones on 0432 357 871 or Rusty Geller on 0419 195 566 for more information.