Community urged to watch for arsonists

PEOPLE in high-risk fire areas are the eyes and ears of the community, as the blitz on arsonists gets under way.

The State Government recently re-launched Operation Vulcan using covert cameras to conduct surveillance on identified bushfire hot spots.

Patrols of fire-prone areas have begun and specialist officers will target arsonists known to the police.

Police Minister Liza Harvey said the WA Police-led operation involved arson squad officers working with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services to prevent deliberately lit bushfires.

“Police will be conducting a lot of work targeting arson, but we also want members of the community to be vigilant and immediately report suspicious behaviour,” she said.

In the last two bushfire seasons, most WA arsonists were boys aged nine to 17. Parents of children fascinated by fire can visit a juvenile and family fire awareness program at