Court bid to destroy dog

A dog, understood to be a staffordshire-bull terrier cross, attacked the victim in the town on April 3.

According to Shire rangers, there have been three complaints of dog attacks near the same property.

Shire of York President Tony Boyle said no court date had been set for the hearing.

‘There is a dispute with the owners,’ Cr Boyle said.

‘They don’t believe it is their dog, but a number of witnesses have come forward to say it is.

‘The dog, which I believe is a staffy cross, attacked a wheelchair-bound person and had to be fended off by one of the witnesses.’

Council rangers seized a dog under warrant on the same day as the attack, with the assistance of York police.

Rangers interviewed the victim and witnesses to the attack, along with two previous attack victims.

The Shire would incur legal expenses in seeking the court order and prosecution of the dog’s owners. Cr Boyle said if the prosecution was successful the owners could be required to pay court costs.

Victims and witnesses have indicated they would attend court and give evidence in relation to the events, if required.

If a dog attacks a person or an animal, the registered dog owner and/or the person in control of the dog may be held responsible. A ‘dog attack’ can include a dog acting aggressively, rushing, jumping at or attempting to attack a person or animal, whether or not any physical injury is caused. Heavy penalties may be imposed, including a maximum fine of $10,000.