Crow not the go

The Committee for Geographic Names of Australasia recently requested the Shire change the name of the gully ” the only feature with the name in WA.

The committee has asked that all applications of the name on topographic features be changed across the nation.

In the letter to the council, the committee said the naming related to a racial caste system and was deemed derogatory.

The term Jim Crow originates from a song written and performed by American Thomas Dartmout ‘Daddy’ Rice.

He performed it the 1800s wearing black face make-up to impersonate an African American man.

The committee said the term later became synonymous with segregation laws passed in US southern states and an offensive label for African Americans.

P.S Chauncy was the first to record the name in Toodyay when he noted it in his field book as Jim Crow Brook in March 1850.

Shire President Kevin Hogg said the council accepted the recommendation and would go ahead and change the name.

‘We would rather change the name and avoid offending anyone,’ Mr Hogg said.

The council will advertise the change for comment for 35 days and seek alternative name suggestions.