Dancers off to China

The Mad Tatters Morris dancers in full regalia.
The Mad Tatters Morris dancers in full regalia.

Christine Hogan, squire of the group, said at first she thought it was very strange and ‘we even wondered if it was a computer con at first’.

But the group then discovered that there were three places left in the competition and that they had been chosen to participate in the fun and games of the festival.

‘After sending in the required photos and video clips of our performances, we were informed we had made the places and were very excited,’ Ms Hogan said.

‘It’s the first time that an Australian dance team has been invited to perform in Shanghai at this festival.’

About 14 dancers and musicians will travel to Shanghai for the conference.

The Mad Tatters Morris dancers perform traditional dances originally from English villages along the border between England and Wales.

They practise weekly in Guildford.

They started only just more than two years ago and have already performed in Canberra at the National Folk Festival.

Some say the original idea of the dance was to scare away Welsh people but more realistically this kind of dancing was performed by poor farmers and miners trying to obtain extra money to feed their families during the harsh winter months in England.

The Mad Tatters Morris team has been fundraising to raise the air fares. It has received support from the City of Swan, Alfred’s Kitchen, Think Security, The Woodbridge Pub and the Mundaring Community Bank Branch Bendigo Bank.

The City of the Swan has given grants to three dancers who live in the area.

The Mad Tatters will also present a special plaque and local produce from the City of Swan at the conference’s official opening ceremony.