Darlington PS students taking part in Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

Darlington PS student Jonathan Bigelow. Picture: Bruce Hunt d472249
Darlington PS student Jonathan Bigelow. Picture: Bruce Hunt d472249

DARLINGTON Primary School students are designing and building an original game as they take part in this year’s Australian STEM Video Game Challenge.

Darlington Primary School coding club co-ordinator Mark McNeill said the competition was a great opportunity for students to engage in hands-on learning spanning the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in a fun and challenging way.

“The competition is about moving beyond passive consumption of digital media and understanding that they have the opportunity to develop the skills to create everything from games, websites, phone apps to the more advanced applications we will see in the future with artificial intelligence, big data and self drive cars.

“The aim was for students to completely design a game, build it and test it and that other students can play, without input from the team.

“It needed to be both interesting and challenging and what made it a little bit more difficult is all the characters, backgrounds and utensils have to be created from original art work.”

Mr McNeil said coding clubs had myriad benefits.

“The benefits to students in our club are very similar to learning another language or music as it forces them to think logically, and create a way of thinking that they might not come across in other areas,” he said.

“They use a free coding program developed by educators at MIT called Scratch which allows young students to learn the fundamentals of programming and enjoy themselves at the same time.”

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