Deadline looms

Shire of Kalamunda president Sue Bilich.
Shire of Kalamunda president Sue Bilich.

Residents arrived at this week’s annual electors meeting scratching their heads and searching for more answers about Local Government Minister Tony Simpson’s proposal to abolish the Kalamunda Shire and have the area governed by the City of Belmont.

One resident who addressed the council asked for assurance that any information given would be made simple and easy to understand.

She suggested there were ‘sneaky moves’ going on by the State Government.

Another asked a string of questions about the Local Government Advisory Board, how it was formed and who was chosen to sit on it.

A motion was moved and carried for the shire to hold a meeting to provide more information to community members so they would be more involved in the amalgamation process and have more input in the future of the shire.

Kalamunda Shire President Sue Bilich last week urged residents to phone the board and demand the minister’s proposal be rejected.

She said there was a very short window of opportunity to be heard, with the deadline for submissions creeping up on March 13.

The shire has launched a media campaign calling on the community to act, with advertisements in newspapers and radio.

Residents are urged to write to Local Government Advisory Board, GPO Box R1250, Perth WA 6844 or email advisory.board@dlgc.wa. Quote Proposal Number: 5/2013

The date for the community meeting has not been confirmed.

Councillors will have a Call to Action Marquee set up at the Corymbia Festival on March 8 from 2pm-8pm where residents can discuss the issue. There will also be submissions forms and copies of the proposal available.