Digital art win a big surprise for Kristee

Kristee Jolly’s artwork, The Girl from Toodyay
Kristee Jolly’s artwork, The Girl from Toodyay

The winners were announced from more than 140 entries on Monday.

Ms Jolly is an executive support officer and a youth coordinator at the Shire of Toodyay and said she taught herself how to create digital art.

‘I haven’t studied art or anything like that, I just find it enjoyable to use the programs to be creative,’ she said.

Ms Jolly said the piece of work she entered” The Girl from Toodyay ” was based on the competition’s theme ‘Of me, By Me’, with her inspiration coming from growing up in a rural community and being an active volunteer in the community.

‘In the image of myself, I have stitched and overlayed three images of Toodyay (the wildflowers, canola crops and a sunset over the hills) to represent how living in Toodyay is something I love,’ she said.

‘Home is where the heart is.’

Ms Jolly initially entered the competition to encourage the children that she mentors to enter and was surprised to be named a finalist and runner-up.

Ms Jolly said the quote she used in her artwork was something she valued in other people and hoped to achieve herself.