Disabled parking ramped up

Shirley Cook uses one of the disabled parking bays.
Shirley Cook uses one of the disabled parking bays.

Shire chief executive Jason Whiteaker said the community should be mindful of the parking restrictions for disabled parking bays to ensure they remained available to people with disabilities.

‘Clearly identifying car parking bays for people with disabilities in our community is a small but very significant way our community can help people access our facilities and services,’ Mr Whiteaker said.

Designated disabled access bays are located throughout Northam in strategic locations such as outside banks, doctors’ surgeries, supermarkets, government offices, the library and parks.

The bays are allocated to provide accessible and functional car parking for those in our community with a disability, and cars parked in the bays must display a valid Acrod Parking Permit.

Those who are unable to walk or whose ability to walk is severely restricted by a temporary or permanent medical condition or disability can apply for a permit through their doctor or occupational therapist.

Mr Whiteaker said it was disappointing that some people disregarded rules set in place to assist people who had difficulty walking.

‘At times we can all be a little selfish and think it doesn’t matter if we park in an unauthorised area for a few minutes,’ he said. ‘However even if you are only stepping into a shop for five minutes, please do not use the disabled bays if you are not entitled to do so ” saving yourself a short walk could have a significant impact on a member of our community who actually needs the bay.’

The council’s ranger services will undertake periodic patrols of the marked bays to ensure permit holders only use the bays.

Fines of $120 can be issued for vehicles parked in a disabled bay and not displaying a valid permit.